Eco Meditation Cushion “Tara”


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  • Atlantis (turquoise)
  • Moon (grey)
  • Lotus (pink)
  • Vals (slate-grey)
  • Alp (olive-beige)


Natural ∙ Eco-friendly ∙ Zero flame retardants

Eco Meditation Cushion “Tara” is a luxurious, eco–conscious and durable meditation seat pad made from high quality natural materials. It offers a comfortable, healthy & firm foundation and is ideal for a cross-legged meditation position: Perfect for your joy, peace& health boosting meditation practice.

“Tara” should inspire positive energy and self-expression and is designed to bring colour, comfort& fun into your meditation session, merging this spiritual practice with a modern conscious lifestyle. The rectangular shape stands for solidity, security& foundation and can make people feel more grounded and stable. The octahedron symbol on the label represents the element of air and is linked to the heart chakra, the centre of compassion& unconditional love.

• Durable, natural& sustainable materials
• Free from flame retardants& toxic chemicals
• Comfortable, firm& flexible seating
• Ideal for cross-legged position

Materials: Ethical& sustainably produced wool fabric, sustainable& natural CocoLatex, wool-mix felt

Dimensions: D31cm x W44cm x H9cm

Colours: Moon (grey), Atlantis (turquoise), Lotus (pink), Vals (slate-grey), Alp (olive-beige)

Cleaning: Gently vacuum as needed, spot clean with a damp white cloth

Complies with The UK Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations

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