Meditation Mala (Full Mala)


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  • Blue Tassel
  • Magenta Tassel


“Be filled with wonder,
Be touched by peace ‘’

This beautiful hand-knotted Meditatin Mala necklace is made with 8mm precious round gemstone beads, gold filled/ sterling silver accent beads and a handmade organic cotton tassel.
Wear your high-vibe gemstone necklace as a reminder of your intentions & aspects you like to work on. Let the healing crystals accompany you on your spiritual journey.

+ Semi-precious gemstone beads (howlite, lava stone, pyrite, crystal quartz)

+ Gold filled/ sterling silver sterling accent beads

+ Handmade organic cotton tassel

+ Organic cotton yarn

+ This Mala hangs at 60cm (including tassel)

The crystals used are a natural product, no two stones are exactly alike. Your Mala will be one-of-a-kind because of the gemstones variations.

Howlite: Stills the mind, balances all the chakras, improves spiritual awareness, heightens creativity, promotes peace& tranquillity, absorbs anger& negative energies

Lava Stone: Grounding, protecting, strength
Pyrite: Powerful protection stone, grounding, promotes emotional well-being, balancing,
stone of luck& good fortune

Crystal Quartz: Amplifies energy, optimises properties of any crystal, activating& clearing,
crystal quartz has an atomic pattern (double helix) like our DNA, can aid each cell to delete stored
negative memories& encourage new regenerative growth and optimum vibratory frequency