Horsehair Bed Pillow SEN (50 x 75cm)


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  • 50 x 75cm


Bed pillow “Sen” is a luxurious, natural and comfortable pillow which is carefully hand-filled with superior 100% natural blonde cattle tail hair. Our top-class filling material has been washed and disinfected in a hot bath of natural soap, spun into very long and tight braids, fixed and sterilised with a steam method and dried with hot air to fix permanently the characteristic, spiral shape of the hair. This curled tail hair has excellent temperature and climate-regulating properties: It transports humidity away from the body and releases it again during daytime, resulting in an optimal micro-climate that keeps the head pleasantly cool even in hot weather. Horsehair has natural antibacterial, anti-mites and anti-fungal characteristics that contribute to a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

Dust mites and horsehair allergy: Did you know that 10% of the weight of a two year old common pillow can be composed of dead mites and their feces? Dust mites thrive in such warm and humid environments and their droppings that contain a protein, cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. The climate in our 100%horsehair pillows is too dry for dust mites to live in, thanks to the excellent natural ventilating properties of our premium filling material.
People with horsehair allergy react to the protein in the outer layer of the hair, sweat, feces and/or saliva. Our horsehair has been washed/ sterilised thoroughly and any dirt, odour and outer protein layer has been removed completely.

Premium pillow “Sen” provides the ultimate level of comfort, support and well-being, is naturally hypoallergenic and very durable: A pillow that can last a lifetime *

Care: Unzip pillow and sunbath pillow twice a year/ Cover can be machine washed at 30°C on gentle cycle/ *Professional re-conditioning every 10 years is recommended

Cover: Certified organic hemp-cotton mix (zipped)

Filling: 100% premium, naturally blonde cattle tail hair

Sizes: 50cm x 75cm and 30cm x 50cm (other sizes on request)

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